This page offers you recommendations and reviews of books written about the Christian faith, by authors across Asia. Each of these Christian book reviews explores the theme of the book and ends with a prayer that addresses the issues discussed. Mostly non-fiction, these books can help readers across the world get a glimpse of the practice of Christianity during different time periods in Asia.

CHINA: This collection of 19 short stories chronicle the voyages, challenges and victories in God – written by missionaries of the China Inland Mission.

HONG KONG: Student activist Joshua Wong shares his childhood, activism, time in prison, faith and his hope for the future in his first book, with a forward by Chris Patten (former British Governor of Hong Kong).

INDIA: In this edition of Heroes of the Faith, William Carey’s life is explored starting from his childhood in England to his four decades of service in India.

INDIA: If is a little book of short thoughts that can be read as small poems about the meaning of Calvary Love, by Amy Carmichael, Irish missionary to South India.

JAPAN: This novel by Shusaku Endo tells the story of the imprisonment and torture of the Urakami Christians, told through the eyes of a young girl named Kiku.

JAPAN: Christ’s Samurai is the story of the Shimabara Rebellion led by Christians peasants against the Shogunate in the 1600s amidst extreme persecution.

JAPAN: The Samurai is a novel about a sea voyage of a priest and a group of samurai who set sail for their own (and others’) ambitions regarding Japan and the faith.

PALESTINE/ISRAEL: Catholic priest Elias Chacour shares his personal story of responding to the turmoil of the 1940s with Christ’s path of peace and reconciliation.